Upper and lower lip Correction – Augmentation, Reshaping

By using the technique of injecting appropriate substances in the subcutaneous tissue of the upper and/or lower lip,the effects of their augmentation, lifting, tightening or refreshing – rejuvenating can be achieved. The edges of the lips can also be refreshed, accentuated and defined.

Special attention is paid to the anatomical – proportional and natural – upper to lower lip ratio, as well as the proportion of the lips with other parts of the face and the rest of the face.Lips are regarded as a complex three- dimensional structure which frequently moves and is important and necessary for eating, speaking, smiling and laughing, showing emotions, kissing, and of course, the appearance of the entire face. The requirement is to have good appearance of the lip, both resting and moving, from the front, the half-profile and profile.

The procedure is performed with local anaesthesia and lasts for 15-30 minutes.

After the procedure, there are is swelling which is very mild in some patients, while in others it is more prominent. The majority of swelling recedes after 2-4 days, and it completely disappearsafter 7-10 days. Bruising which disappears in 5-10 days is also possible. The patient receive the necessary instruction on how to behave during the postoperative period, in terms of using cold compressions, massages, avoiding indoor tanning, sauna, exposure to the sun, etc.

The control check-up is usually scheduled after 15 days when, if needed, smaller correction can be made.

The treatment remedies to be used are either the so called temporary remedies based on hyaluronic acid (Restylane, Juvederm, Teosyal, etc.), and last for 4-10 months, or permanent remedies based on Acrylate or Polyamides, and last for 4-10 years. The physician will explain properties of each of these remedies, as well as their effects and possible complications. He will also recommend the amount of the substance needed to be injected, expressed in millilitres (ml) or cubic centimetres (ccm). This amount is determined based on the examination – the condition of your lips (thickness, width, shape of the edges, position of the corners, skin and subcutaneous tissue condition, muscle condition, possible wrinkles, possible previous lips procedures, etc.), and taking into account the patient’s wishes.

There is a special method of lip augmentation with patient’s own fatty tissue and your physician will also inform you on this in detail.